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Toronto Internet for all Rally- Affordable and Community owned internet for all!

Toronto ACORN members had a great  Internet for All rally on Tuesday July 6th at 11am at City Hall , demanding the City to make ConnecTO community owned, community controlled and $10 internet for all low and moderate income people.

The Internet is Essential and internet access is no joke! Thanks to the efforts of ACORN members for years, the City of Toronto is beginning to address the issue of internet affordability through a program called ConnectTO. We cannot have low and moderate income communities left out of the conversation. These communities make up most of the essential workers who are putting their lives on the line to keep the city running, as well as seniors, people on disability, the underhoused and other vulnerable groups. 


Toronto Star: ‘Stay away from ConnectTO’: Toronto is building its own broadband network and anti-poverty groups want to make sure big telecom isn’t involved

Members of the anti-poverty group ACORN rallied in front of city hall Tuesday to demand that big telecoms like Rogers and Bell not be included in Toronto’s fledgling municipal broadband program.

City council voted in February to approve ConnectTO, a program aimed primarily at improving internet access for low-income residents as well as connecting businesses to high-speed fibre-optic connections in underserved areas.


Radio-Canada: La Société d’habitation de Toronto lancera un projet pilote d'Internet gratuit

La Société d'habitation de Toronto évaluera la faisabilité d'offrir l'internet gratuitement dans huit immeubles pendant une période de six mois. Le conseil d'administration a approuvé le développement du projet pilote qui avait d'abord été proposé par Michel Mersereau, un chercheur postdoctoral à l'Université de Toronto en novembre 2020.


Ottawa ACORN members hold a Pop up #Internet4All Cafe at City Hall demanding affordable municipal broadband!

ACORN members were on the hunt for internet connection at our Pop Up #Internet4All Cafe today because with Canada’s sky high prices, we’re struggling to connect at home! But even City Hall’s free WIFI is difficult to connect to. 


Ottawa ACORN Marches for Affordable Internet - Keeping the Pressure on Rogers, Bell and the Ministry of Innovation!

Fantastic March for Affordable Internet Wednesday!! ACORN members hit up the duopoly - Bell and Rogers - AND the Ministry of Innovation, delivering our letters demanding $10/month high speed internet for ALL low income people! 
ACORN’s demanding the federal government expand the Connecting Families Program to:
  • Be universal to ALL low income people, not just families
  • Be mandatory for all telecom providers 
  • Be no more than $10 for a minimum speed of 50/10 mbps to match the CRTC’s own recommendations