Bell's plan to take over MTS: ACORN Canada wants a guarantee that prices won't go up!


A 2015 report from Wall Communications Inc., comminssioned by the CRTC, showed that the price for a 5 GB Talk and Text Plan varied widely across the country, with Manitoba having the lowest costs by far.

Halifax: $122.21
Montreal: $94.67
Toronto: $117.93
Vancouver: $117.65
Winnipeg: $65.76

Having more providers to choose from is better for Manitobans! We need the Competition Bureau, the Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development, and the CRTC to reject this application to merge two of Manitoba's largest telecom companies.


We, the undersigned, oppose the merger between Bell Canada and Manitoba Telecom Services, and want guarantees from Bell Canada that costs won't increase if the merger is approved.

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Will you sign?

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