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CBC News: Toronto considers affordable internet after release of ACORN report

CBC News Toronto featured ACORN Canada's Internet for All report (click here to read the report) in this story about Councillor Mike Layton's call for the City of Toronto to support the CRTC's ruling that major internet providers must share their high speed networks with competitors.

CBC News: Digital divide: Is high-speed internet access a luxury or a right?

In an era when some Canadians are cutting back on groceries and skimping on the rent just to stay online, there's a growing argument that high-speed home internet access is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. And the CRTC will soon have to decide whether it agrees. 

CBC News: ACORN Canada report shows internet costs are unaffordable for low-income earners

A new study from ACORN Canada says the average costs for high-speed internet are 'extremely prohibitive' for low-income earners across the country.

The results showed that although the internet plays a significant daily role in respondents' lives, the costs of obtaining a high-speed connection can lead to difficulties.

AM640 Talk Radio: Anti-Poverty Advocates Want Affordable Internet

Have you chopped your grocery budget in order to pay that monthly internet bill?

ACORN Canada says low-income Canadians are being forced to make this decision every day, and they want to put a stop to it. They also believe that a lack of access to the internet means Canadians are unable to access employment opportunities, educational tools, government services and other important aspects of modern life.
Their solution: a $10-per-month high-speed internet package, mandated by the CRTC, for low-income families.

24hrs Vancouver: Low-income Canadians sacrifice food for Internet

The majority of Canadians living on low incomes are forced to spend less on food so they can afford high-speed internet access, according to a survey conducted by a national anti-poverty advocate.

That’s why the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now Canada is renewing its call for $10-per-month broadband connections for low-income households as the CRTC continues its review of telecommunication services.