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Join ACORN Canada members from coast to coast in the fight for Internet for All!


It's time telecom giants stop gouging low-income Canadians! The CRTC needs to close the digital divide by ensuring low-income families have access to affordable high-speed internet. Canada has some of the highest internet costs in the world and lags behind many other countries with internet speeds. ACORN members need your support to make internet affordable for all Canadians living under the Low Income Measure.

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  • Broadband access, like home telephone service, is essential for Canadians to get ahead. 

  • The CRTC must address barriers of access to home internet, including affordability. Everyone should have equal access to high speed internet, regardless of income.

  • A home internet connection is necessary for important life activities, including looking for employment, completing homework, and accessing government services and forms.

  • We need the Commission to mandate affordable access for all Canadians, with actual download speeds of at least 50 Mbps and 10 Mbps upload

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