Toronto Internet for all Rally- Affordable and Community owned internet for all!

Toronto ACORN members had a great  Internet for All rally on Tuesday July 6th at 11am at City Hall , demanding the City to make ConnecTO community owned, community controlled and $10 internet for all low and moderate income people.

The Internet is Essential and internet access is no joke! Thanks to the efforts of ACORN members for years, the City of Toronto is beginning to address the issue of internet affordability through a program called ConnectTO. We cannot have low and moderate income communities left out of the conversation. These communities make up most of the essential workers who are putting their lives on the line to keep the city running, as well as seniors, people on disability, the underhoused and other vulnerable groups. 


Members gave speeches, chants and shared their experiences with Big telecom providers and how expensive it is! The members demand ConnecTO, a municipal internet program to be $10 internet for all low-moderate income communities, have community control and not corporate control! The members were joined by the Media to cover this important issue! Members also did a rally with chants to the Bell Media Headquarters and delivered a letter to let them know what the community wants! 

“We want them to stay away from ConnectTO,” said Marcia Stone, co-chair of the Weston chapter of ACORN. “We don’t want any interference from any of those companies because they’re not offering any benefit for the people we’re fighting for.”

Ryan Murdock, an ACORN member from East York, said the ConnectTo program is a positive step, but ACORN wants to keep the spotlight on the issue. "This is about continual pressure to force the City to listen to the people and not corporations!” 



Toronto Star: ‘Stay away from ConnectTO’: Toronto is building its own broadband network and anti-poverty groups want to make sure big telecom isn’t involved

Mobile Syrup: ACORN rallies to demand Big Three be banned from participating in ConnectTO


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