CFRA 580: Social Justice group calls for affordable Internet rates for those in need

Carrying laptops made out of cardboard and posters, around 25 members of social justice group Ottawa Acorn rallied at the Shaw Centre Wednesday afternoon calling for more affordable Internet rates for low income residents.

Robert Brown told CFRA those who cannot afford Internet are at a disadvantage.

"Did you know that is some places today, kindergarten [students] are being given emails at school for their projects, for their homework?" he asked. "How can they do that if they do not have Internet?"

"I'm an immigrant and other immigrants, we have to stay on top of our paper work so that things will be legal," he added. "How can we do that if we don't have Internet to keep on top of that because Internet is so expensive?"

The group chose to rally in front of the Shaw Centre because the telecommunications company is trying to break into the local market.

This was part of a protest held by ACORN in several Canadian cities.


Article by Alison Sandor for CFRA 580

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