Internet is not a Luxury!

On July 14th, ACORN members from Halifax, Toronto, Ottawa, Gatineau, Vancouver, Surrey, Burnaby, and New Westminster delivered hundreds of testimonials from low income families detailing the crucial role the internet has in their lives, and how unaffordable home access is.  

High speed internet is an essential communication tool for daily life - from doing homework, to looking for jobs, to filling out government forms - we all rely on the internet, and we need the CRTC to make sure it is affordable! Over 60 members converged on four CRTC offices - including CRTC headquarters in Gatineau - to deliver the testimonials during our National Day of Action.  

See press from our day of action on July 14th - 
July 14th was the deadline ending the first phase of the CRTC’s review of basic telecommunications services. The CRTC is investigating if broadband should be considered a “basic” telecommunications service and how to fund a subsidy if accessibility is linked to affordability. ACORN members are keen to participate in this vitally important review.  
ACORN Canada will release a report in the next few weeks summarizing (1) What online services people use; (2) if and why these services are important to them; (3) if home internet is affordable.
ACORN Canada is partnering with Public Interest Advocacy Centre who is filing an official submission to the CRTC.  Click here to see the official submission.

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