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Burnaby Board of Education endorses ACORN's Digital Access to Opportunities Campaign!

On Tuesday, October 14th, Burnaby ACORN member Jacqueline Hardy appeared before the Burnaby Board of Education to give a presentation on ACORN Canada's ongoing "Digital Access to Opportunities" Campaign.  This campaign calls on the big telecom corporations to offer affordable internet rates for low income earners, and programs to make the associated connection devices more accessible.

Ottawa Community News: 'Ensure all students can afford Internet'

ACORN Canada members have held back-toschool actions to highlight that the federal government and the Canadian Radio-Television and Communications (CRTC) agency need to ensure home broadband prices are affordable for low income families. Low income students shouldn't have to do homework at libraries if they can't afford home high speed Internet, maintains the anti-poverty group in a news release last week. 

Toronto ACORN continues fight with Bell Canada over their role in creating and expanding the digital divide

Two dozen ACORN members took to a Bell Store on Queen Street East in The Beaches in East Toronto this past Saturday as a part of ACORN's Digital Access to Opportunities campaign for affordable internet.  In a successful attempt to disrupt the everyday business activities of a local Bell Store, ACORN members in attendance felt satisfied that CEO George Cope did hear about the action and we received confirmation that our letter was faxed to his office.

Ottawa ACORN Members Take Action for $10/month Internet!

Ottawa ACORN members held a great action yesterday as part of the national Digital Access to Opportunities campaign! 20 members gathered outside the Rogers TV station to demand action on $10/month for high speed internet. CBC Radio covered the event (stay tuned for the link!). Member Bobby Fitzpatrick led us into the station, where we marched in and spoke with the TV station manger Lynne Whitehead.

The Now: ACORN rallies in Surrey for affordable Internet rates

WHALLEY — ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) members rallied at Surrey's City Centre Library and across the country asking for Internet rates to become more affordable.