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CBC News: Digital divide: Is high-speed internet access a luxury or a right?

In an era when some Canadians are cutting back on groceries and skimping on the rent just to stay online, there's a growing argument that high-speed home internet access is no longer a luxury, but a necessity. And the CRTC will soon have to decide whether it agrees. 

CBC News: ACORN Canada report shows internet costs are unaffordable for low-income earners

A new study from ACORN Canada says the average costs for high-speed internet are 'extremely prohibitive' for low-income earners across the country.

The results showed that although the internet plays a significant daily role in respondents' lives, the costs of obtaining a high-speed connection can lead to difficulties.

AM640 Talk Radio: Anti-Poverty Advocates Want Affordable Internet

Have you chopped your grocery budget in order to pay that monthly internet bill?

ACORN Canada says low-income Canadians are being forced to make this decision every day, and they want to put a stop to it. They also believe that a lack of access to the internet means Canadians are unable to access employment opportunities, educational tools, government services and other important aspects of modern life.
Their solution: a $10-per-month high-speed internet package, mandated by the CRTC, for low-income families.

24hrs Vancouver: Low-income Canadians sacrifice food for Internet

The majority of Canadians living on low incomes are forced to spend less on food so they can afford high-speed internet access, according to a survey conducted by a national anti-poverty advocate.

That’s why the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now Canada is renewing its call for $10-per-month broadband connections for low-income households as the CRTC continues its review of telecommunication services.

Toronto Star: Anti-poverty advocates call for affordable Internet

Low-income Canadians are taking money out of their budgets for food, recreation and rent to pay for Internet service, according to a new report that is calling for a national affordable home Internet program.

“The Internet plays an important role in the everyday lives of low-income earners,” says the study by ACORN Canada, a national organization of low- and moderate-income families with 70,000 members in nine cities across the country.