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1310 News: Low-income Canadians call for affordable broadband Internet service

OTTAWA — An advocacy group for low-income Canadians says broadband Internet service is no longer a luxury item, and that Canadian telecom companies should start providing low-cost basic services.
ACORN Canada says Internet access is crucial, yet unaffordable for many families.
“It’s kind of ironic that social services send you a lovely letter saying, ‘to improve service, please go to our website,'” said Ray Noyes, ACORN member. “You open your disability statement (and) you’re not getting…an Internet allowance; it just keeps coming out of your food and your rent.”

24hrs Vancouver: B.C. groups push CRTC for cheaper Internet

This Tuesday is the deadline to submit initial comments on the fast-approaching hearings for cheaper, faster Internet — and so far 25,000 people have signed a petition and scores of others intend to hold a Vancouver rally in support of it.
The Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission is reviewing its policies regarding basic telecommunications services, and if broadband should be considered one. It’s also gathering information from the $41-billion industry to better understand any areas that are underserved or unserved.

ICI Radio-Canada: Internet à 10 $ par mois pour les démunis

Les membres du groupe militant ACORN ont manifesté devant les bureaux du Conseil de la radiodiffusion et des télécommunications du Canada (CRTC), à Toronto, ce matin. Ils ont remis aux fonctionnaires un cartable regroupant plusieurs centaines de témoignages de personnes à faibles revenus.
Le CRTC procède présentement à un examen des services Internet que les Canadiens reçoivent. Le public a jusqu'à ce soir pour soumettre ses commentaires.

CBC Nova Scotia: ACORN Canada protest in Dartmouth calls for affordable internet access

As the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission reviews the affordability of internet service in Canada, a national action group is calling attention to the difficulty low income people have getting online access.
ACORN Canada held a nationwide protest on Tuesday called Internet For All to draw attention to the financial barriers to internet access. ACORN describes itself as an independent organization advocating for low and moderate income families, with more than 70,000 members.

CBC Sudbury: Cost of internet access for low-income earners needs to be lowered: ACORN

Many Canadians take surfing the net for granted, but not everyone can afford internet.
The average Canadian pays between $50 and $60 a month for internet.
Now the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission is reviewing whether or not broadband internet should be considered a basic communication service.