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Capital Current: Crossing the digital divide: Affordability is key to connecting all Canadians to the Internet, advocates say

Drums and cheering could be heard outside Ottawa City Hall on Nov. 16 as ACORN members and other activists advocated for the recognition of internet access as a human right.

As the world moves into a digital sphere, internet rights advocates say many people are being left behind in the transition.

ACORN Ottawa led the rally at Marion Dewar Plaza, along with members of the Ottawa Carleton  Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario and Ottawa Catholic Teachers.

Capacity: Rogers attends CTRC hearing on $26bn Shaw merger

Rogers Communications (Rogers) met with Canadian telecoms regulator CRTC to make its case for its $26 billion merger with Shaw Communications (Shaw).

During the hearing Edward Rogers (pictured), chairman of the Roger's board of directors said that the deal will enhance competition.

"Canada is no longer an island. We participate in a global industry, with global platforms that bring Canadians and people all over the world wonderful new products and services. However, they can also pose a challenge to Canadian companies and Canadian culture," he said.

Ottawa ACORN Members and Teachers Stand Up for Internet and Education!

Yesterday, November 16th, ACORN Ottawa gathered with allies and community members in front of City Hall to call for improved education province-wide and affordable internet access in Ottawa. Some notable contributors included Jeff Leiper, City Councillor for Kitchissippi Ward; Jessica and Joanis and Darby Mallory, students of the University of Ottawa and Carleton respectively; Julie Guèvremont, Secondary Vice-President of the Ottawa Catholic Teachers Union; Stephen Skoutajan, Vice-President of Ottawa-Carleton ETFO; as well as  our very own storied members Pascal Kakule, Ray Noyes, Norma-Jean & Morgan Quibell. 


Capital Current: Community members push for better internet accessibility for low-income households in Ottawa

Members of the social justice group ACORN are demanding an end to barriers that prevent internet accessibility for all Canadians.

They made their point at a Tuesday rally at Ottawa City Hall which featured ACORN members, educators, students and other supporters of the cause sharing their experiences with those assembled in Marion Dewar Plaza. 


CTV News: Calling for Affordable Internet

Posted November 16, 2021

Ottawa rally calling for affordable internet - CTV interview with Norma Jean Quibell: