Burnaby Board of Education endorses ACORN's Digital Access to Opportunities Campaign!

On Tuesday, October 14th, Burnaby ACORN member Jacqueline Hardy appeared before the Burnaby Board of Education to give a presentation on ACORN Canada's ongoing "Digital Access to Opportunities" Campaign.  This campaign calls on the big telecom corporations to offer affordable internet rates for low income earners, and programs to make the associated connection devices more accessible.

Last night, the Burnaby Board of Education passed a resolution endorsing this campaign!

Recently Telus has begun a pilot project for wifi-enabled buses in Vancouver, and Shaw reached a deal with the City of Surrey to provide free internet in 40 public locations. These programs show that the big Telecom companies and City officials recognize the importance of convenient and affordable internet access in today's society. ACORN members are optimistic that endorsements such as yesterday's will spur these companies to take action and close the digital divide!

Click here to read the endorsement letter

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