BC ACORN Members Rally for Affordable Internet

On April 17, 2014, ACORN members from across the Lower Mainland rallied for affordable internet outside Federal Industry Minister James Moore's constituency office in Port Moody. Noel Ouellette, New West ACORN Chapter Co-Chair, led up the action where 15 members from Surrey to Maple Ridge made it out to show their support.

ACORN members strongly feel that internet access is essential and that the federal government can help make this a reality for thousands of low income families who cannot afford high speed internet at home. Access to reliable high-speed internet has become increasingly important for participation in many facets of life, from job searching, attaining services, to doing homework. However, accessing internet has become a hardship for many Canadians. ACORN Canada members believe that low income families should not be penalized because of the exorbitant rates of high speed internet.

Earlier this year the federal government outlined in its budget $305 million to enhance internet service for rural Canadians, but provides nothing for the poorest community members in our cities. ACORN members believe it is important to discuss with Minister Moore how the federal government could move forward on this front.

Minister Moore has repeatedly denied members' requests to meet and discuss how the government could help make sure low-income earners in Canada are getting affordable internet rates. These rejections to meet with ACORN's leadership prompted the action outside his office.

Affordable access to high speed internet at home - for all residents of Canada – is a public policy issue and as such, ACORN members hope the federal government will take this seriously and schedule a meeting as soon as possible.

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