AM640 Talk Radio: Anti-Poverty Advocates Want Affordable Internet

Have you chopped your grocery budget in order to pay that monthly internet bill?

ACORN Canada says low-income Canadians are being forced to make this decision every day, and they want to put a stop to it. They also believe that a lack of access to the internet means Canadians are unable to access employment opportunities, educational tools, government services and other important aspects of modern life.
Their solution: a $10-per-month high-speed internet package, mandated by the CRTC, for low-income families.

The CRTC will be holding public hearings on this issue come April.

ACORN argues a lack of access to the internet leads to social isolation, because you are unable to adequately connect with friends and family. It also makes a job hunt more difficult.
In a Toronto Star piece on the issue, single mother Kashima Wright stated that she had to give up her home internet after the bills began hitting $100 per month. Now, she and her young daughter must walk to their local library in order to acquire access to the world wide web.
Do you think the government, and ultimately the taxpayers, should subsidize internet for those who can’t afford an effective digital package?
Article source: Talk Radio AM 640

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