ACORN supports Telus' new $10/month Internet plan for low income earners

Following 3 years of advocating in favour of a $10 a month Internet plan that would close Canada's digital divide, ACORN members are pleased by Telus' "Internet For Good announced this morning. ACORN has held many demonstrations, released several reports, and participated in the most recent CRTC hearings on Telecom regulations, all in the name of leveling the playing field for low income earners who struggle to afford what is considered to be a necessity in today's world.

Nearly half of Canadian households who earn less than $30,000 per year do not have Internet access in their homes. This makes it difficult to find employment, connect with family members in other locations, for children to achieve their best at school and for low income folks to access government services.

"As a grandmother who is raising a young girl, and as a former social worker, I can speak with first hand knowledge that not having Internet access in the home disadvantaged low income families - the children in particular" - Monica McGovern, BC ACORN member and Provincial board chairperson.

"I am a working person who struggles to make ends me. I pick up work when I can, and being able to search for work online would make my life so much better." - Linda Tetlock , ACORN member.

Both Linda and Monica addressed the recent CRTC hearings on Telecom regulations.

Telus has just taken a significant step forward, and ACORN applauds them for doing so. Our two organizations have met several times over the past 2 and a half years to discuss this plan. We look forward to continuing this relationship as this program rolls out.

ACORN also urges Telus expand this program to include all of the low income communities, and not limit it to single parent families. We also challenge the other big telecom firms to create their own programs.

To speak with ACORN members Monica McGovern and Linda Tetlock, call ACORN staff Scott Nunn- 604 500 2874
Or email [email protected]

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