ACORN Members have mixed feelings about the CRTC announcement today

The historic CRTC announcement today was focused in the right direction by declaring broadband a basic service and by recognizing that affordability is a problem. However, the announcement did not include anything about the desperately needed subsidy for urban low income people that ACORN members were hoping to hear.

ACORN members will now turn to the federal Minister of Innovation, Science, and Economic Development in hopes of leadership in bringing the country affordable internet.
“We are happy the CRTC chair declared that broadband is vital, but disappointed that they are not going to create a subsidy for low income people who can’t afford high speed internet. Many Canadians are often taking money out of rent and food budgets just to participate in the current digital economy. The CRTC pointed to the federal Ministry of Innovation to figure out how to solve the affordability problem, so we look forward to working with them,” said Gisele Bouvier, ACORN Leader.
ACORN Canada members across the country have been, for the last three years, highlighting that internet is no longer a luxury. Members gave 400 testimonials to the CRTC from low-income Canadians, about how vital and unaffordable home internet is. See ACORN Canada’s report 'Internet for All' created from the testimonials.

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