ACORN Members do Social Distancing and Virtual Internet for All Actions as Liberal Government Leaves us in Debt and OFFLINE!

ACORN members from across the country from most provinces including Alberta, BC, Ontario, Quebec and Nova Scotia got together virtually as well as did social distancing actions to demand Internet for All as the need for the internet is greater than ever!

We did a national zoom action where more than 70 members participated. We went through the history of ACORN Canada’s Internet for All Campaign and then discussed how to put pressure on politicians and big telecom companies to ensure that our demand is met. The zoom action ended with sign making and then members holding up their signs reinforcing the message that we need affordable internet. 


Here's a glimpse of the social + physical distancing actions across the country. Members targeted Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, Minister of Innovation Navdeep Bains and Liberal Government MPs including Randeep Sara, Bob Bratina, Andy Fillmore and Peter Fragiskatos.  

BC: BC ACORN members rallied outside Surrey Centre MP Randeep Sara's office located at 10362 King George Blvd demanding free internet for low income people across Canada during the pandemic. 

Hamilton: East End ACORN leaders Dayna Sparkes & Elizabeth Ellis and Mountain Chair Veronica Gonzalez visited Hamilton East - Stoney Creek MP Bob Bratina's office to drop off a letter to pass on to the Honourable Minister Navdeep Bains and testimonials from ACORN members from across Canada on the digital divide. After dropping off the letters, ACORN leaders held up signs and talked to folks that walked by about ACORN's Internet for All campaign. 

London: In London, members delivered a letter to the MP Peter Fragiskatos’s office.

Nova Scotia: Members gathered outside of Liberal MP Andy Fillmore's office in downtown Halifax to demand the federal government expand the Connecting Families program and provide Internet for all. Leaders Pat Donovan, Krista Perry, and Mila McKay led chants, spoke with people on the street, and gave testimonials as low-income seniors, parents, and students on why they need an affordable Internet program.

Toronto: Toronto members rallied outside Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland's office demanding FREE internet for low income families during COVID-19. The action was led by amazing St Jamestown leader Alejandro Gonzalez-Rendon who got some great chants going and read the letter of demands outside. After we were starting to wrap up the action, members Lesley Hill and Alejandro went up to Chrystia Freeland's office and dropped the letter directly in her mail slot. 

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