ACORN members across Canada take action for affordable internet access!

ACORN Canada members took action across the country for the National Day of Action on affordable internet access on Thursday, August 21st.

In Toronto, members held a mock internet cafe at Bell Canada headquarters, taking advantage of Bell's wifi to draw attention to the gap in opportunities for low income families.

In Ottawa, Metro Vancouver and Halifax, members stood in mock line-ups outside public libraries to draw attention to the limitations of internet access for low income families. Members with children drew attention to the challenges of homework and accessing digital opportunities without affordable internet access at home.

In Montreal, members put the pressure on telecomm companies Bell Canada and Videotron, demanding to meet about establishing $10/month high-speed internet access for low income families. Members at all actions gave stirring speeches and flyered and petitioned on ACORN's Digital Access to Opportunities campaign. Many enthusiastic members participated in the day of action, generating lots of press and attention for this national campaign!



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