ACORN Canada Members’ Testimony Makes Impact at CRTC Hearing on Internet Access and Affordability

ACORN Canada's tireless efforts to keep the high cost of internet in the public eye led members being invited to the CRTC's public hearing on internet access and affordability. On April 14, 10 ACORN members told personal stories about how not having access to home internet has impeded their - and their childrens' - success in the digital economy.  

The compelling stories told by these leaders to CRTC officials led to the CRTC Chair to make a strong call for a national broadband strategy. Jean-Pierre Blais expressed how presentations by representatives from remote and northern communities and consumer and anti-poverty groups made it clear that broadband is “vital” to Canadians.

Mr. Blais spoke about how he spent the weekend reflecting on what he had heard last week, and stated that the CRTC’s review of internet accessibility and affordability “may very well be the last best chance to get it right – a chance to create, together, a coherent national broadband strategy through an open and transparent process based on evidence from all Canadians.”

This is exciting news. ACORN Canada has come a long way in their fight to win Internet for All. As a result of our members testifying, we have faith that the CRTC is going to do the right thing by ensuring that high speed internet is an essential service, and that it needs to be accessible and affordable to all Canadians. 
So let’s keep the momentum going: make sure to sign and share our Internet for All petition.

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