1310 News: Low-income Canadians call for affordable broadband Internet service

OTTAWA — An advocacy group for low-income Canadians says broadband Internet service is no longer a luxury item, and that Canadian telecom companies should start providing low-cost basic services.
ACORN Canada says Internet access is crucial, yet unaffordable for many families.
“It’s kind of ironic that social services send you a lovely letter saying, ‘to improve service, please go to our website,'” said Ray Noyes, ACORN member. “You open your disability statement (and) you’re not getting…an Internet allowance; it just keeps coming out of your food and your rent.”
Noyes likens the necessity of Internet access today to the necessity of a telephone, decades ago.
The country’s telecom regulator is currently looking at whether broadband Internet should be considered a basic telecommunications service.
ACORN plans to hand-deliver hundreds of testimonials from low-income Canadians to the CRTC in Gatineau, Tuesday afternoon.
Article by Jason White for 1310 News

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